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The Roadshow Band: Bio

Originally the "Antique Roadshow", the band decided to stop using that name when several unhappy people showed up at an outdoor event one day to have their "collectibles appraised".....Wrong Antique Roadshow! After changing the name to "The Roadshow Band", the search for a "steady" (thats code for "same guy every week") bass player continued. Kurt was added and the band played on. A recent change added Art in the lead guitar slot to form the current Roadshow crew. Music from the 50's, 60's , 70's, and 80's. Classic rock, a little country and a lot of fun. Great music never dies!

Barry Bianco - Drums

A transplanted Chicago boy from the north side, Barry started playing drums in high school. His first band, The Runaways, played extensively in the Chicago area at many of the local colleges, fraternities, and high schools. A former teacher, when not in his basement studio he can usually be found in the garage working on an old Mustang or Corvette.

Mike Creaney - Vocals/Guitar

Mike has been in the music business most of his life. Coming from a musical family, Mike played in many bands over the years. In addition to duties with The Roadshow Band, Mike has been seen in many establishments in the area as a solo performer or just "jammin with friends" at the Harbor Club, J&L Club, or anywhere else that leaves a microphone unguarded!

Tom Kolar - Lead Guitar

Tom joined the band in September when our former lead guitarist, Art Creaney, moved to South Carolina. Tom has been a professional musician his entire life working in numerous places including tours on cruise ships. Tom and Mike Creaney have known each other since high school where Tom played in brother Art Creaneys band. Tom also brings his vocal skills to the Roadshow singing lead and harmonies and will be invaluable as the band adds new more complex vocal arrangements to our set lists.

Steve Hansen - Bass Guitar

Steve is the newest member of the Roadshow having joined the band in January 2013. Steve plays lead and bass guitar and brings a bass/baritone voice to our vocal arrangements. A former Navy veteran, The Roadshow Band now represents 3 of the 4 branches of the military; Army,(Mike),Navy(Steve)and Marine Corp(Barry). Steve has played guitar most of his life and The Roadshow couldn't be happier that he's now playing with us!